Hellas Direct

Hellas Direct, known for its innovative practices within the insurance industry, has devised distinct offerings for motor and home insurance in Greece and the Central and Southern European insurance market. By integrating digital technologies, financial solutions and its proprietary insurance platform, Hellas Direct has demonstrated a unique capability to fuse technology and insurance thereby transforming both its operations and customer experience. Furthermore, the company is planning to develop a mobile app and a suite of cutting-edge products utilizing the 5G mobile technology, thereby enabling tailored services and expediting claim procedures for customers. This strategy not only differentiates Hellas Direct but also positions it as a leader in the dynamic field of insurtech. Read more about the investment and Hellas Direct


Sphynx  is a technology company, with the mission to develop and offer highly innovative solutions for cybersecurity/ privacy risk management and cybersecurity training (cyber range).The suite of products provided by Sphynx operate under a single platform and be marketed through two core services. The first is the managed Cyber Security Operation Center (MSS/SOC) service which will include all possible security, consultancy, threat mitigation and maintaining the integrity of technology infrastructure & applications. The second is the Cyber Range and Certification service, (CRC) where its core will be the provision of essential cybersecurity training and certification to individuals and businesses. Read more about the investment and Sphynx

WINGS ICT Solutions

WINGS delivers innovative end-to-end digital solutions (software and hardware) & transformations for vertical business sectors like Environment, Utilities, Production and Services. With expertise in IoT, wireless tech, 5G AI, and AR/VR, WINGS ICT Solutions provides integrated intelligent software and hardware solutions for diverse industries, including Environment (air quality, disasters), Utilities (energy, water, transportation), Production (food, factories), Services (health, education, government), and Smart Cities. Read more about the investment and WINGS ICT Solutions



Movandi has designed & developed microprocessors, software, and systems in the mmW range that ideally complement the classic macro-structure of wireless coverage and achieve approximately 50% reduction in infrastructure development and operation costs by using beam steering/beamforming and AI techniques. Read more about the investment and  Movandi.



EdgeQ has implemented a fully software-programmable O-RAN technology system-on-a-chip (SoC) that completely replaces the conventional equipment currently used in the operation of a 5G base station. Read more about the investment and EdgeQ.



SafeSize specialises in the development of innovative applications (hardware & software) that address existing challenges in the footwear shopping experience. SafeSize’s solution has helped more than 20 million consumers around the world make the right shopping decision. Read more about the investment and SafeSize. is changing the trade-in process for used smartphones, transforming a time-consuming and complex procedure into a fully automated experience lasting a few minutes. The solution developed by includes four internationally registered patents and drastically accelerates the resale of a used smartphone. Read more about the investment and

OQ Technology

OQ Technology

OQ Technology is an innovative spacetech company that provides seamless Internet of Things connectivity in underserved areas where terrestrial networks provide no coverage, by utilizing Low Earth Orbit satellites. OQ has established a subsidiary in Greece, under the name “OQ Technology Hellas”, based in Corallia. Read more about the investment and OQ Technology

Matternet Inc.

Matternet provides micro-transport services with the use of drones in urban areas in North America, Europe, and the Middle East and has already made 20,000 commercial flights. As part of the investment agreement, Matternet has created a subsidiary a Greece (Matternet Europe) for the management of its European operations. Read more about the investment and Matternet.