Phaistos Investment Fund is an innovative initiative backed by the Greek State and private investors, focusing on tech investment opportunities in the 4th industrial revolution areas facilitated by 5G and relevant technologies. Phaistos aims at fostering the next generation of investments and entrepreneurship, as well as promoting a profitable and sustainable digital technology market in Greece.

Phaistos is focused on claiming value share in the new 5G-enabled Digital Services Market and is positioned to:

  • Boost local and international investments in an “Economy Multiplier” like the 5G ecosystem
  • Be best positioned to take advantage of digital transformation and disruption of Verticals and industries
  • Bridge the gap between public and private investors through a simple and profitable partnership
  • Facilitate the growth of relevant local businesses while attracting international investors

Phaistos fund, leveraging its thematic DNA, goes beyond the conventional Venture Capital mindset by embracing a comprehensive approach to supporting innovation.  Phaistos offers a full support stack for promoting investees‘ growth by providing:

  • Access to reserved 5G spectrum bands for pilot projects and trials in real-life conditions
  • Access to State-owned enterprises and organizations that can act as pilot and launching customers for state-of-the-art and advanced digital technology services
  • Support through an extensive cooperative network of universities, R&D centres, incubators, private sector tech companies, and international organisations
  • Hands-on experience and provision of valuable support to management