As part of its 360-degrees approach to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, Phaistos Investment Fund provides investees with support, expertise, and know-how from a comprehensive network of cooperating institutions. Members of the network are high-profile academic institutions, as well as private-sector companies and inter-governmental organisations with a proven track record in innovation, technology, and support of entrepreneurship.

University of Patras

The University of Patras exchanges information with 5G Ventures about technology and best practices related to innovation and the development of an ecosystem for startups. Enterprises participating in programmes of the University and are considered by it for having remarkable growth prospects can be proposed for evaluation by 5G Ventures for potential financing from Phaistos Investment Fund.

NCSR “Demokritos”

National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”  supports Phaistos’ investees by providing access to pilot 5G Standalone and Non-Standalone networks. Moreover, it provides access to testbeds, to libraries, electronic knowledge bases, and excellence & innovation centres such as the Digital Innovation Hub and the Technology Parks of NCSR “Demokritos”.


Companies or foundations that cooperate with 5G Ventures can be proposed to the Unit Corallia of the Research Centre Athena. for receiving support in existing and new incubation & business acceleration programmes. Enterprises participating in programmes of Corallia may be proposed for review by 5G Ventures for possible financing by the Phaistos Investment Fund.


As part of its participation in the collaborative network of 5G Ventures, Nokia provides hardware and software – including 5G solutions and Internet of Things applications – for the development of testbeds. Companies in which Phaistos invests, as well as postgraduate researchers from academic institutions with which 5G Ventures collaborates, can access Nokia’s R&D facilities in Athens.

Vantage Towers

Selected investees can have access to Vantage Towers Greece nationwide portfolio of more than 5,200 towers, masts, and rooftop sites, for the deployment, testing, and optimization of their 5G solutions. The selected companies can test pilot their products and services in a variety of different environments (heavy urban, urban, semi-rural, rural), specific to the needs of each use case.

OTE Group / DT

Cosmote, a member of OTE Group / DT, provides Phaistos’ investees with access to passive infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology, software and hardware, 5G and IoT applications, Multi-access Edge Computing, access network equipment and terminal devices for end-to-end testing. It also provides the necessary personnel for the installation and operation of these resources.

European Space Agency

The cooperation between the European Space Agency and 5G Ventures focuses on the exchange of expertise, technical and infrastructure support from the European Space Agency, support for selection boards, and other activities.

Athena Research Center

Athena Research Center and 5G Ventures collaborate on the support of enterprises and exchange know-how in technology, science, and best practices for innovation and the development of enterprises.


TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas provides training services,  workshops, inspection, and certification services to partners and investees of Phaistos Investment Fund. Moreover, TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas provides training in Management, Environment, Cybersecurity, Energy, and international Marketing.


Leveraging GRNET’s advanced infrastructure, network, cloud computing and IT services, the Phaistos ecosystem has access to a unified platform of cutting-edge technologies (such as High Performance Computing), innovative solutions and specialized know-how, to support scientific and commercial applications. In addition, under this cooperation Phaistos and GRNET creates a bridge for the mutual exchange of knowledge and best practices.


π-ΝΕΤ is a partnership of twenty two shareholders representing big and established companies, SMEs, public and private higher and lifelong education institutions, research organizations, consulting, and entrepreneurship support companies.

π-NET’s mission is to develop technological solutions and innovative interventions leading to exportable products and services of high added value, while capitalizing on the strengths and potential of the Greek ICT ecosystem.