Constantinos Polychronopoulos

Juniper, Sunnyvale CA

Constantinos Polychronopoulos is VP of Technology, 5G & Telco Cloud, at Juniper Networks responsible for 5G products and strategy. Prior to Juniper, he has been VP and CTO of Telco & Edge Computing at VMware, leading the development of VMware’s product and technology strategy in 4G & 5G markets and VP & CTO of Cloud Networking at Citrix, following the acquisition of Bytemobile. As Founder of Bytemobile he led the development of innovative products for web, streaming video and transport protocol optimization for 3G and 4G/LTE that were deployed in more than 160 network operators worldwide.

He also established the Bytemobile European Development Center in Patra, Greece, employing over 100 software developers. He has published more than 160 research papers, chaired numerous international conferences, and has more than 35 issued and pending patents. He was a professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois for more than 20 years, while in the year 1998 he received the Bodosakis Award.

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