Phaistos Investment Fund is introducing a new philosophy regarding investees, aiming to provide all the relevant facilitation needed for established companies or startups to grow and fulfill their business ambitions in the new market that 5G is supporting.

A complete set of features are offered to investees so as to provide a tangible contribution to all the burning challenges a vibrant company must address to be successful.

The strong capitalization of Phaistos Investment Fund provides flexibility and support to any seed/series A/series B stage, whilst meaningful guidance & support on Strategy / People / Sales & Marketing / Operations provided by experienced executives, represent valuable assistance in the growth journey.

Access to spectrum frequencies (if required) for tests and trials, at a defined time period, is granted, supporting complex requirements implementation & product development process.

A sizable ecosystem of State-Owned Enterprises covering the vast majority of relevant Verticals is available for pilot tests, Proof of Concept (PoC) and User Acceptance (UA) formulating a live, powerful testbed framework and boosting innovation.

The abovementioned attributes are governed by Law n. 4727/2020 anticipations, providing a solid ground for implementation.

A number of “product development centric” Universities & Research centers, partners of Phaistos Investment Fund, provide additional & tailor-made R&D resources, contributing to investee’s initiatives towards successful TtM (Time to Market) achievements. Dedicated MoUs between Phaistos and the relevant organizations, guarantee fruitful cooperation.

At the same time, Greece itself represents the perfect place to do business, providing a spectacular set of advantages:

  • One of the first EU countries with commercial 5G services expanding rapidly, enabling not only enhanced connectivity but paving the way for advanced Stand Alone 5G applications, Greece already holds the 2nd place behind Finland on the DESI index regarding 5G pioneer bands auction. (source)
  • Well educated, experienced human capital with a global spirit and a “will do” mindset, enriched through “Brain Regainers”.
  • An entrepreneurial ecosystem supported by meaningful state and private sector initiatives at all fronts.
  • A perfect environment with ideal working conditions promoting quality of life.

The determination demonstrated by the Greek administration regarding the 5G ecosystem & market development, together with the innovative approach of Phaistos Investment Fund itself, provide a clearly promising environment for champion investees.

Investment no1: Matternet Inc.

In June 2022, Phaistos invested in Matternet, a US-based company founded by talented Greek Andreas Raptopoulos. The company provides micro-transport services with the use of drones in urban areas in North America, Europe, and the Middle East and has already made 20,000 commercial flights. As part of the investment agreement, Matternet will create a subsidiary a Greece (Matternet Europe) for the management of its European operations. Read more about the investment and Matternet.

Investment no2: OQ Technology

OQ Technology

In September 2022, 5G Ventures announced the investment of Phaistos in OQ Technology, an innovative spacetech company that provides seamless Internet of Things connectivity in underserved areas where terrestrial networks provide no coverage, by utilizing Low Earth Orbit satellites. OQ has established a subsidiary in Greece, under the name “OQ Technology Hellas”, based in Corallia. Read more about the investment and OQ Technology.